About Great Northern

Great Northern recreates both the music and the community that Grateful Dead fans know and love. The band's members met through attending weekly Grateful Dead open jams and quickly developed a strong musical connection. Since forming in 2018, Great Northern has grown into one of the D.C. area's most fun and energetic Grateful Dead tribute bands, known for their ability to capture the creativity, dynamics and energy of the Grateful Dead's music. Motivated by our dedicated fan base, Great Northern is proud to play our part in carrying forward the legacy of the music we hold so dear.

Band Members:

Brad Moore - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Brian Rosenthal - Drums, Percussion       

Matt Reiter - Lead Guitar, Vocals      

Tyrone Cabalu - Bass, Vocals

Jesse Aronson - Keys 


Emeritus Members: 

Ryan Levinson - Keys   

Carrie Cain - Vocals    


Audio Sample: https://archive.org/details/great-northern-2020-08-15_dpa4060s








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